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Data Centres » Telehouse East

Originally called Telehouse 2000. Major landing station for international and voice and IP hub. Connected to Telehouse North by a walk bridge.

Availability of Colocation
Space and power available - please contact us with your requirements.

We can provide IP connectivity within this data centre. We can provide data centre inter-connectivity between all listed data centres.

Access Policy
True 24/7 walk-in for contacts on access list. For others within 15 minutes of e-mail receipt from approved authorised contact.

Exclusive use as data centre and Telehouse offices. Barriers, gates and maintained perimeter.

Remote Hands
Excellent. Minimum of one highly trained technician available 24/7. Reboots and minimal eyes/hands (within reason) currently free. Connection of circuits or more involved work is chargeable. Can be a 30min-60min delay for hands as this is a very busy site.

Limited parking free and available on site outside.

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